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The year 2020 marks the process of more than 15 years of formation and development of Sawatech - The year has ended with an exciting and warm year-end party with lots of echo and emotions.


Looking back on a turbulent year with the difficulties and challenges caused by the influence of Covid 19, we have gone through difficulties to achieve encouraging results with the continuous efforts of each individual, unanimity of the whole company.

With a positive energy source, directions, steady steps, planned plans and determination, SAWATECH will be more successful, grow stronger in the future.

The success that Sawatech is having is the people who are connected by core values, continuously trained and developed, who are rewarded with achievements and assured of life.

On the threshold of the new year, we would like to send all of our customers and SAWATECH greetings to the new year An Khang - Thinh Vuong.


Spring spring, spring has come!


Best salesperson award in 2020


Best support staff in 2020


Happy as receiving Tet gifts!